Saturday, June 2, 2007

a wrinkle in time

i often think it's amazing what a photograph can hold for a person. how much you remember.

sitting on her stoop.. warm day.. double rainbow beaming and taking pictures of it.

sitting there with my phone on my skirt.. the wrinkles uneven and defined and being able to take that moment in the palm of my hand and hold it to be experienced any time i wanted to. this one little sliver in a whole lifetime and still i see and still i remember.

what do you remember when you lay your memories out on a computer screen?

Friday, June 1, 2007


i miss my job at the preschool.. yesterday, i had bryan stop by so i could say hi..

when i walked up, the first person to see me was shawn:
"EEwishaa! hi EEwisha!" trying to pronounce it so carefully in the wrong way..
Andraya looked at me like "i think i know her.. but i'm not sure if i do."
meg got her hair cut and it's so cute.
Haley and Kiera gave me high fives.. Alyssa said "Alisha.. i love you" like she always does.
Paige said "Where did you go?" i stumbled and thought and said "i have some things happening with my family.."

and now i'm thinking.. oh god. i didn't even get to say goodbye. i just disappeared on these kids. i never even told them i wasn't coming back.. i mean i'm sure someone else did.. but i just didn't come back one day..

the truth is some of them might forget about me and one day when their, like, 17 something will make them get that familiar feeling and they'll say "oh man.. i remember in preschool i had this teacher.. what was her name? oh man.. i can NOT think of it.. what was it?"

or maybe shawn will still come up to me and say "EEwisha!! EEwisha! i love you!"

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

in the beginning..

so i figured that the people on my other blogs might be a) getting sick of sifting through my lame-o photo posts, b) sick of seeing pictures of my ex all the time, or c) maybe want to view all my pics in one place.

so i decided to start a photo blog after being inspired by mr. jcn's website [here]. it was nice to just see simple images posted a few times a week [so far is seems like almost once a day?] that weren't connected yet sometimes seem connected.

so. that's how i got here. i was going to do one on Opendiary, then i was thinking maybe livejournal.. but in the end i decided to test a new territory..

welcome to my little slice of the internet pie. and please realize i'm new to this format and not quite sure how i want to do this yet.. any ideas are graciously appreciated. :]