Wednesday, May 30, 2007

in the beginning..

so i figured that the people on my other blogs might be a) getting sick of sifting through my lame-o photo posts, b) sick of seeing pictures of my ex all the time, or c) maybe want to view all my pics in one place.

so i decided to start a photo blog after being inspired by mr. jcn's website [here]. it was nice to just see simple images posted a few times a week [so far is seems like almost once a day?] that weren't connected yet sometimes seem connected.

so. that's how i got here. i was going to do one on Opendiary, then i was thinking maybe livejournal.. but in the end i decided to test a new territory..

welcome to my little slice of the internet pie. and please realize i'm new to this format and not quite sure how i want to do this yet.. any ideas are graciously appreciated. :]


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