Friday, May 22, 2009

It's here!!!

My book, "Who Holds a Hummingbird in Their Hands?", is finally in!

get your copy today for only $10!! [$2 s&h]

email me @ to make arrangements!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hey everyone. So, i'm just waiting on some art to be finished up and then the book will be sent off to the printers! Exciting!

if you missed the special pre-sale, don't worry you can still pre-order the book, it just won't come with the free gift, but you'll still get the book & the card explaining how the title came to be.

again, the book will be around 28 pages long, with a cardstock-type cover and contains around 25 pieces. some are full length poems, some are shorter, & there's also a few pieces of prose. it also includes the poem 'canada.' that was published in the June issue of the Chronogram. It also will include art by my good friend, Erin Loughran. Also, all copies will be hand-numbered & autographed and personalized to your liking.

the books are only $12/ea with $2 shipping/handling in the US/Canada

if you're interested in acquiring a book, email me at and I'll send you info on where to send your payment.

I accept personal checks or money orders [but if you have a problem with one of those, let me know in your email].

now, if you just want to be kept up on how the book is going and aren't going to purchase right now, I still suggest you also email me to get on the mailing list [don't note here, because they could get lost in the shuffle! oh noes!].

other exciting news, you can now be a 'fan' of my writing on facebook!

click here to do so!

until next time.. GET THOSE EMAILS IN! :)