Sunday, December 16, 2007

it's amazing the harm we can cause with our bodies
passing on these physical
social diseases
and somehow these things don't stir up
a riot
in everyone..
just those who can't take it anymore
these bleeding hearts
who can't let those who've suffered
remain nameless
hidden behind a cloak of

they claim
live free or die!
but what if you're free and dying inside?
but what if you're free falling
because no one cares and no one is calling
to see if you're even alive
every 'I hope you're well'
is curt and contrived
because all we have
are the patterns we've fallen into
all we have are the lives that we've led
and in the end
it's not enough to justify the means
it's not enough to justify the pain
in the end it's not enough to justify the fact
that one victim is still nameless on the tip of
the tongue of our fore fathers
while a thieving cowboy claims
that he did all he could
and the murderers he's hired
to smile and nod
and nod
from the comfort of their luxury
chaise lounges
in their luxury houses
watching the view from their 27"
plasma screen television
complete with a pirated copy
of the revolution
the revolution
is not being televised

they hide behind religion
like they hide the existence
of separation of church
and state

they think america is the holy land
and that everyone comes here to pray
doesn't matter if you're black, handicapped
or gay
you too can be forgiven
if you just hide the life you're living
repent and pay tithe
while these nice fellas pull the wool over
our eyes

and when they say 'I hope you're doing well'
you know the truth
because when they forget your name
you realize
those victims are you.