Saturday, December 13, 2008

Who Holds a Hummingbird in Their Hands?


so basically, I'm going to do a pre-sale of my chapbook, "Who Holds a Hummingbird in Their Hands?", to one] pay for the printing and two] know about how many copies the first run should be.

now, I'm not going to request any kind of monies for the book until the files are IN the hands [email?] of the printer so that I know this is a sure thing. ALSO! I'm putting someone else in charge of mailing them! [hahaha]

the book will be around 28 pages long, with a cardstock-type cover and contains around 25 pieces. some are full length poems, some are shorter, & there's also a few pieces of prose. it also includes the poem 'canada.' that was published in the June issue of the Chronogram. It also will include art by my good friend, Erin Loughran. Also, all copies will be hand-numbered.

here are a few of the poems that will be in it:

"the carrion
of us
too much
fit in
carry on
it'll hold
i try

"I know so many of the parts of you

the emo girl
with dashboard confessionals
providing a soundtrack,
while we chase the ghosts
of all the good things.

the soul queen
living in theory
with scarves in her hair
like jill scott and lauryn hill

the hood
playing that awful
john legend song
that no one understands
why I can't get more
than 30 seconds into it.."

"of you"

"larry has been 15 for one month
and he's looking down the barrel of a gun
he's got a crush on a peer
and now that peer says "run"
because it's deadly
to love differently

they say gay means happy
well then happy isn't any fun.."
"happy isn't any fun"


for this pre-sale, they're $12/ea with $2 shipping/handling and they'll include a card with the story of how the title came about. they'll also be autographed and personalized to your liking.

I'm hoping to sell at least 10 to cover all the printing costs, but all pre-sale books will still include the card, gift, autograph, and personalization.

if you're interested in acquiring a pre-sale book, email me at and I'll send you info on where to send your payment.

I accept personal checks or money orders [but if you have a problem with one of those, let me know in your email].

now, if you just want to be kept up on how the book is going and aren't going to purchase right now, I suggest you also email me at to get on the mailing list [don't note here, because they get lost in the shuffle].

and I want to thank everyone for making this possible through your encouragement, your belief in my writing, and of course, if you're buying a book. :)