Saturday, November 17, 2007

not for you, for me this time..

i see you starting
into startling confusion
as you bring to the surface
the confusion of

body &

realizing that when they
made you and chose your body
off the shelf, somehow they
got body & soul mixed up...

that silent sleeping soul, creeping out
now, through dress, bound breasts,
& familiar foreign hormones coursing through your veins
knowing everyday you have to stab
yourself in the heart
you have to stab
who they thought you were in the back
as you stab another syringe into your
wondering how god or whomever is running
the gig upstairs
managed to fuck up
so badly.

couldn't he see when he made you
that a square peg doesn't fit into a round hole
no matter how you turn it?
no, instead, she brought you home and shaved
down the corners until the roundness of your
hips began to show & you slipped
into the pre-cut hole.

he shaped you however she chose
stuck you in pink and pantyhose
& left you here to deal
with it
on your own.

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